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Career History
I have had careers in purchasing and financial services with companies such as General Motors, Unilever and Sanlam. I was a partner in an independent medical aid consultancy prior to becoming a professional coach.

I have held leadership positions in the corporate world, community and faith-based organizations, and the defence force, where I served as an officer and air traffic controller.   
Coaching Philosophy and Approach
From a personal leadership perspective, my significant success has been mastery in the areas of emotional and spiritual intelligence, resulting in a man of character and integrity, with a strong sense of identity and adequacy.
I am passionate about personal leadership excellence (Also called personal mastery or character).

My mission is to serve as a catalyst for change and transformation through coaching, working with leaders in the area of personal leadership development. 
The core philosophy of my coaching approach is contained within offering a “hospitable” space. “Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take place, where people are encouraged to disarm themselves, to lay aside their preoccupations and to listen with attention and care to the voices speaking in their own centre” (Henri Nouwen 1974). This approach creates an enabling environment that is client focused and driven 

My thinking style is rational and logical, as well as reflective and philosophical. This combination of left and right brained skills position me well to develop business leaders in the “softer” skills of emotional and spiritual intelligence, but within the context of organizational strategy, structure, processes and bottom line results. 

My coaching style is relational and empathetic, but I am focused, strategic and outcome oriented, and will “hold up the mirror of truth” when necessary. I can dynamically shift between a structured and systemic approach, and a relational and intuitive approach, informed by whichever approach best serves the clients' style and agenda.

I read widely on subjects such as leadership development and practice, business management, strategy, marketing, branding, megatrends, personal development, spiritual formation, psychology, philosophy, and of course, on the art and practice of coaching. I also enjoy reading biographies and “travelographies”.
This broad knowledge base, combined with an authentic journey of personal leadership development, has created a strong foundation from which to work with executives and business leaders in the areas of emotional and spiritual development, as well as being a strategic thinking partner.

Professional Information
I studied at the Coaching Centre in Cape Town (, a leading coaching school with an emphasis on both theory and practice. I was awarded the Diploma in Practitioner Coaching in 2006.

I practiced part-time as a life coach from 2006, and full-time as an Executive Coach from 2009.

I am an associate coach for a number of coaching organisations in SA, delivering Executive Coaching on their behalf.

In terms of professional practice I am both a member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa), a professional body supporting professional practice in coaching and mentoring through standards, ethics and research, as well as Chairperson of the COMENSA Cape Chapter.  

For professional development I continue in my reading, subscribe to a number of industry blogs and newsletters, attend coaching master classes, and, most importantly, continue to journey authentically in my own personal leadership journey.
Future study plans include tackling a Masters Degree in Coaching.
Personal Information
When I am not catalyzing change, or enjoying an interesting read, you will find me and my lovely wife Jann out in nature, taking a long walk along one of Port Elizabeth’s beautiful beaches, or hiking one of the many scenic trails in the Eastern Cape.
We enjoy exploring off the beaten track, and have a particular love for the stark beauty of the Karoo.
I enjoy downtime in the kitchen, conjuring up recipes from the Taste magazine, with Jann as supervisor and red wine taster. I enjoy preparing simple, yet tasty and colourful meals. A candle-lit dinner with good friends is food for the soul.
When the mood takes me, I write poetry on anything from my dog to the deeper realities of life. I also regularly write articles for various publications.
Jann and I enjoy a good movie, especially human drama and epic stories. Movies can serve as a powerful metaphor of what is happening in our own lives, and can touch and stir us in our deepest being. I often recommend an appropriate movie to my coaching clients.
I have been married for 28 years to Jann, who is my best friend and confidante. She has been an excellent "coach" in helping me develop my own emotional intelligence. We have two lovely daughters, one a professional photographer (, and the other studying drama, acting and film-making.

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"has taught me how
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Chad Andrews - Snr GM
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elicits superior performance"

Tim Fox - Area Ops. Mngr
Transnet Freight Rail

"opened my eyes to my
thought processes and
behavioral patterns"

Gary Tiedemann - Branch
Manager, Aberdare Cables

"helped me to develop as
a more confident leader"

T Simmers - Business Owner

"helped me to 
gain perspective"

SL - Marketing Director

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me tools to move forward"

Nontle Jennica Willem
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