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Time Forethought


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 Emotional Intelligence

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 Successful Living


Being Aware of Being Aware

Posted by Claude on Tuesday 13th April 2010 at 13:50:47

We all see the world through our normal eyes, but we are aware that there is much more that exists that we can only see through microscopes and telescopes.
Similarly, we see the world through our normal perspectives, paradigms, and beliefs, but there is much that exists that we may not be aware of. To see these we need the glasses of awareness.
Awareness opens our eyes to things that are all around us, to other people and even to ourselves. We can look at things, people and situations that we have looked at for years, and now we can see the various elements involved, see the situation from the perspective of each of those elements, and suddenly the whole picture looks very different to us.
This clarity of perception can help us to take very different action, or to react very differently, and can be the key element to a far more successful life and career.
When we deal with people very differently to how we have always dealt with them, their response can change the whole dynamic of the relationship.
Where there was antagonism, there could be understanding, co-operation and respect. Our relationships can become more vibrant, more responsive and more harmonious.
When we change our approach or actions to various scenarios, the outcomes can be radically different. Where our impact was minimal, or our approach fearful, we can become more confident, powerful and effective.
Awareness helps us to see more clearly, to see things that were hidden from our consciousness, to increase the range of information that we can gather from people and scenarios.
The first step in becoming more aware is to become more aware of becoming aware. It is like picking up a pair of awareness glasses in order to find your awareness glasses.
The purpose of this article is to hand the first pair to you.
Now that you have been able to find your own awareness, put it to good use.
From when you wake up in the morning, look at everything afresh. Ask yourself some of the following questions:
·         What do I see?
·         Why do I see it that way?
·         What else is there that I am not seeing?
·         What could I do with that knowledge?
·         Is that still the right/fair/ best way to see it?
You can ask yourself similar questions with regards to What do I do?, What do I say, What do I expect?, etc.
Challenge everything, even your long standing ways of being and doing.
Go on, try it, open your eyes, look, see, live !
Claude Warner coaches successful leaders to improve their leadership performance through developing their emotional, relational, social and communication skills.
He can be contacted on +27 (0)83 227 5153, or

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