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Time Forethought


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 Emotional Intelligence

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 Successful Living


Water what You want to Grow

Posted by Claude Warner on Friday 31st December 2010 at 12:27:25

One of the toughest leadership and organisational challenges is to create structures, systems and processes that are in alignment with values and strategy.
If leaders implement systems that are out of alignment with the values and principles of the organisation, people will be hesitant about what to do. They will either become frustrated, fearful or resentful, and will not perform, leading to poor business results.
You have to water what you want to grow.
If your business strategy is to create long term capital growth for your shareholders, but there is an intense focus on quarterly results, you are not watering what you want to grow. You may in fact be harming your business’s long term value. You need to measure and reward those factors that determine long term growth.
There is a saying that “What gets measured gets done”. Whatever gets measured in the systems and processes that are set up is where people will be focusing.
Even if the leader speaks of the importance of other aspects of the business, the systems in place will always override the leader’s talk, which is why alignment is so important.
Alignment is effectively institutionlised trustworthiness, and it is vital for optimal organisational performance.
Leaders have to remove obstacles and not create them. To ensure alignment, leaders have to honestly examine their own motives and practices, as well as organisational systems and structures that may have become “sacred cows” over time.
This is not always easy as often there is ego involved, little fiefdoms, silo thinking and so on.
A great leader has the humility and strength of character to be honest with himself and take the necessary action to bring systems and processes into alignment with values and strategy.
You have to water what you want to grow.
(This is an extract from Covey’s highly recommend 8th Habit book. It is available at most book stores, or you can order it online from
Claude Warner is a PE based executive and leadership coach.
He helps develop leader’s key emotional, relational, social and communication skills, equipping them to engage inspire and empower people to their full potential, thus achieving the best business results. Claude’s profile for one on one leadership coaching is available here.
Claude is trained as an integral coach, is a member of COMENSA, the national professional body representing coaching and mentoring, and is Chairperson of the COMENSA EC Chapter.

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